CSI Suspension Importers USA

Products Disclosure

While BOSS Global INC and BOSS suspension PTY LTD try our best to ensure the accuracy of the website there could be things that are not correct. BOSS Global INC and BOSS Suspension PTY LTD cannot be held responsible for typographical errors. All parts are used at the sole risk of the owner and installer, BOSS Global INC and BOSS Suspension PTY LTD are NOT responsible for poorly fitted or incorrectly installed products.

While BOSS Global INC and BOSS Suspension PTY LTD warranty most products incorrect installation is the leading factor to most failures.

  • Bags cannot rub on anything at ANY time.

  • Bags should be restrained at ALL times to prevent over extension.

  • Valves MUST be kept clean during assembly....dirt is not there friend.

  • Compressors MUST be wired correctly or they will overheat and die. You MUST follow instructions if they are supplied.

  • Lifetime warranty" is a period of 3 years to the same owner as most vehicles ownership is 3 years, longer warranty terms may be available on a per request basis.

  • BOSS adjustable shock absorbers are warrantied for a period of 18 months or 20,000km or whatever comes first.

  • Aluminum air tanks CANNOT be welded to under any circumstances, they are heat treated and welding will damage them.

  • Check valve must be used on all boss compressors.

  • BOSS airbags except the 110 sleeve bag can be used as the bump stop where the factory bump stop has been removed to facilitate the installation of the air suspension.

  • Load assist kits are for "assisting" in carrying a load and are NOT for and overloaded vehicle, if you overload your vehicle you could damage your chassis.