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The only truly “easy to use” universal “bag over” strut. BOSS “bag over” struts suit virtually any strut equipped car, Clevis mount, loop /loop or pin/loop fitments. We offer 5 lengths, all providing 10 position dampening. 22mm chromed shaft with a 50mm shock body enables any clevis or loop to be installed at the bottom or top. Steel top plates with lipped seals to prevent any leaks and exclusive BOSS pivot ball tops for fitting to most cars are supplied.

By measuring the distance from the top of the tyre to the bottom of the strut, its easy to select the bag over length required.

After almost 10 years designing air struts BOSS bag over struts can’t be matched. We even supply a no risk 900mm DOT rubber reinforced strut hose with all BOSS bag overs.

*Please note due to a change in the Australian Design Rules (ADR) all BOSS Bag-over struts come with the Factory fitting clevis pre-installed for the Australian market. It is not permitted for a third party company to install them.

*All posted CAD prices. Freight and taxes extra.
**Complete struts include bell tops, strut hose, seal plate and 2500# bags.
***Minimum Quantities are 100pcs of each size (10,12,14, 16, 18 etc).

Item Code# Description Image
AIR20-0814-SA 2.0" body / .85 " short shaft bare 190mm shock body = suits short travel applications
AIR20-1220-SA 2.0" body / 0.85" shaft airplate shock 12/20 painted install as strut or bag over 305mm shock body = small front wheel drive cars and new coilover style pickups
AIR20-1422-SA 2.0" body / 0.85" shaft airplate shock 14/22 painted install as strut or bag over 355mm shock body = Most medium sized front wheel drive cars and some rear applications
AIR20-1624-SA 2.0" body / 0.85" shaft airplate shock 16/24 painted - install as strut or bag over 405mm shock body = most full size car and some SUV applications
AIR20-1831-SA 2.0" body / 0.85" shaft airplate shock 18/31 painted install as strut or bag over 460mm shock body = BMW front and many front/ rear applications

Key Benefits

  • Built strong and safe with pre welded bag plate.
  • Use in any coil-over or McPherson strut application where space prevails.
  • Able to have clevis or Ball mount welded directly to heavy wall shock body and with the bag mount already welded to the shock before assembly enables a wide range of vehicles to be covered.
  • Top 22mm shaft features a female thread to enable any combination of top mounting.
  • 10 position adjustable dampening is standard on all boss struts
  • Steel top seal plate prevents any chance of leakage
  • BOSS struts use U lipped seals for an airtight fit over strut shaft.
  • A flare fitting is tig welded directly onto the bag plate.
  • 2500 BOSS bag compatible
  • 50mm diameter strut body for easy compatibility
  • Unpainted bottom for easy welding on of clevis
  • Complete BOSS struts are supplied with 3/8" DOT Rubber strut hoses for superior protection and movement.

Air Strut Accessories

Item Code # Description Image Pricing (CAD)
AIR-P-19 SHOCK STUD P19 stud for top  
AIR-STRUTTOP Top for airstrut 22mm hole
AIR-BELLTOPS Air strut bell tops each Spherical ball top strut joint, MUST use when installing BOSS "Bag Overs" into strut cars to ensure maximum drop is obtained. Easily fits over our P19 strut pin with steel collar supplied. Can be drilled for any bolt pattern.  
SHOCK-LOOP Shock loop chrome with 18mm urethane bush
STRUT-CLEVIS BOSS strut clevises are the easy way to adapt the strut to your vehicle, available in the most common sizes and come non-drilled to easier suit your application. Clevis height can be set to suit large or standard size wheels as well as lifted or lowered applications.  
AIR-TH-03 900mm x 13mm Rubber Hose, JIC 1/2 FJ & 3/8 npt male  

Air Cylinders

BOSS manufactures automotive air cylinders specifically for use in suspension systems. Unlike industrial cylinders that are not designed for high cycle applications BOSS cylinders will last the distance. Suitable in place of coil-over suspensions (silver cylinders) and in strut applications on small vehicles (red and blue cylinders).

With technology designed and invented by the BOSS team, air cylinders can now ride better than the struts or coil-overs they replaced.

  • Coil-over - the shock and spring do not compensate for side loadings, has upper and lower control arms to support suspension.
  • McPherson strut - the strut is not supported by a suspension arm at the top, the strut takes care of side loadings when turning.
  • Bag-over - an airbag mounted over a shock absorber for strut or coil-over applications.

Item Code # Description Image Price (CAD)
CYL-MCQA-12-80*105 80mm red cylinders: Suitable for front/ rear strut applications small vehicles (under 1000kg). Designed for side loadings caused in strut situations.  
CYL-MCQA-11-80*127U 80mm silver cylinders - suitable for rear applications where the vehicle had a coil-over shock like Honda’s and Mitsubishi sedans.  
CYL-MCQA-11-100 100mm silver cylinders: suitable for front applications like RX8, Honda, Mazda and others  
CYL-MCQA-11-130 130mm silver cylinder: Designed exclusively for coil-over SUV and Large passenger car situations where space is a premium and a “bag over” cannot be used.
CYL-MCQA-12-100*114 100mm blue cylinder: suitable for front/ rear strut applications applications on vehicles not weighing more than 1300kg.  

Key Benefits

  • Utilizes “air displacement technology” to produce a dampening system - can be tuned for road or track
  • Allows for wheel tucks
  • Fits where bags will not
  • Compact and easy to fit
  • Smooth ride when fitted with boss shock valves
  • Made specifically for automotive applications