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On Board Air Kits

**All posted CAD prices. Freight and taxes are extra.
**All on board air kits include Compressor, braided hose, Flare, Check Valve, Aluminum Tank, pressure switch (any size we list).

Item Code# Description Image Pricing (CAD)
COM-OBA-1INCAB BOSS PX-02 compressor and in-cab controller for directly filling airbags with independent control of each bag to deflate. A popular kit to add to any Load Assist kit and very cost effective.
COM-OBA-02AL1 BOSS PX-02, 1 gallon BOSS Aluminum tank, pressure switch and relay. This kit is perfect for in-cab airbag controllers or air horns etc.
COM-OBA-03AL2 BOSS PX-02, 2 GALLON Hot Dog tank and everything to make it turn on and off. Same as previous kit but with the longer Hot Dog tank
COM-OBA-04OAP3 BOSS PX-07 100% duty air compressor, 3 Gallon BOSS Aluminum air tank and everything needed to switch on and off including pressure switch and relay
COM-OBA-05OAP5 BOSS PX-07 100% Duty air compressor and 5 gallon BOSS Aluminum air tank with pressure switch and relay. Perfect for the hard core off-road enthusiast, Road side assist vehicles, people needing to run air tools and repair equipment. Our most popular OBA kit.
COM-OBA-06OALP BOSS PX-07 100% Duty compressor, 5 gallon BOSS Aluminum air tank with an air pressure regulator suitable for dropping pressure for air tools, air lockers, or automatic tire inflation
COM-OBA-07OAM2 BOSS PX-07 100% Duty air compressor, 5 gallon BOSS Aluminum air tank, in-cab inflation kit for filling 2 air bags with independent control of deflation of the air bags. Perfect kit for the Overland expedition vehicle that has air bags fitted for load
COM-OBA-07OINCABUP In-cab airbag control panel for 2 airbags with an electric valve for inflation. Inflates together for an air source and can drop the air pressure independently. Suitable for people who already have and OBA supply.
COM-OBA-8ART Airbag Articulation kit for allowing air to transfer between the airbags when driving off-road. It is a manual kit and very simple.
COM-OBA-08OALUB This kit allows the user to drop air pressure from the OBA system for air tools, air lockers, or inflating tires to a set pressure
COM-OBA-08OAMP Full kit for OBA at its best. Suitable for air tools, inflating air bags, running air lockers, air horns…. Everything! PX-07 100% duty air compressor, 5 Gallon air tank, In-cab air bag controller, regulated air pressure for air lockers etc………. the big Kahuna of air kits!