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Nissan Load Assist Tow Kits

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Item Code# Description Image
LOADASSIST02 Load assist kit - Patrol Leaf spring (some mods may be required to bend the top bracket to suit curve of chassis)
LOADASSIST07 Load assist kit - D22 Nivara 4x4
LOADASSIST09 Load assist kit - Nivara 2x2 Pre 2012
LOADASSIST14 Load assist kit - Nivara D40 4x4
LOADASSIST15 Load assist kit - Patrol coil 1988-2013 (airbag goes next to coil spring, may limit wheel travel off-road)
LOADASSIST21 Load assist kit - D40 2012-2014 2wd
LOADASSIST22TRIPLE Load assist kit - NPatrol / Armada 4x4 2013-2014 Coil Replacement
LOADASSIST47 Load assist kit - Titan
LOADASSIST55 Load assist kit - NV200 Van
LOADASSIST56 Load assist kit - NV2500-3500 Van
LOADASSIST64 Load assist kit - Frontier 2wd 4wd
LOADASSIST90 Nissan Patrol 88-2013 Rear Coil Replacement (NEW)

Key Benefits

  • Enable vehicles to cope with uneven or heavy loads
  • Keeps vehicles level
  • Helps maintain control of loaded vehicles